For our english speaking readers:

Dear customers! You will find us at Emågatan 36 in Bagarmossen until december 11 . Then, on december 14, we are mooving back to the city. You will then find us at Birger Jarlsgatan 90, together with our dear friends at KA Jonssons Belysningsverkstad. But you can still reach us on the same phone number, e-mail and website.

Established 1902 in Stockholm the firm have, for close to 120 years, had the pleasure of delivering our beautiful handcrafted cut glass chandeliers to satisfied customers both in this country and abroad. Today we no longer produce any chandeliers of our own. But through the years we have been much in demand for renovation and restoration of older chandeliers and lighting fixtures. So today that is our main occupation.

Our customers include a number of governmental and public institutions such as the National Board of Building and planning, the Swedish Parliament, the Ministry of forreign affairs, the Appellate Courts, the Royal Opera, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Berns Salon’s and others. We have also been entrusted to work with the Central office of National Antiquities on the restoration of chandeliers in a number of churches in Stockholm and it’s surroundings. In fact practically the whole Mälar Valley. On occasion chandeliers are sent to us from various parts of our oblong country for conscientious renovation work, often in consultation with insurance agencies.

Still, most of our customers are private customers with heirlooms, or chandeliers of their own acquisition, which they want to maintain in optimal condition for the benefit of those who come after them. We also do extensive retailing of a variety of accessories needed in restoring chandeliers such as cut glass pendants, wire, candle rings, candle holders, candle arms, etc.

K.A Jonsson’s Crystal Cleaner is an excellent cleaning compound for cut glass chandeliers – even though there are no shortcuts to a sparkling clean chandelier. We have used it ourselves, daily, for more than 40 years – and we still do. It’s only available in our own store but we can send it to you, by mail, upon request.